When you require superior 24 hour towing or hauling services in Edmonton and Northern Alberta you need look no further than Cliffs Towing. Cliffs huge fleet consists of Light Duty, Medium Duty and Heavy Duty Trucks professionally maintained for optimal service around the clock.

Light Duty

Our light duty tow trucks have the tools to get the job done quickly and safely. Our fleet is equipped to tow or to provide recovery for vehicles less than 1 ton in weight. Our specialized parkade tow trucks can tow vehicles from parkades, and we possess a specialized motorcycle trailer to safely tow all sizes of motorcycle. Each tow truck is also equipped with unlock kits, boosting system, and the capacity to change flat tires.

maximum weight: 1 ton
  • tow cars, pick-up trucks up to ¾ of a ton, motorcycles, and other small vehicles
  • operates in Edmonton and the immediate area

Medium Duty

Our medium duty tow trucks step in to haul mid-weight vehicles and are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. These units are licensed to tow all over Alberta.

maximum weight: 5 ton
  • tow small buses, cube vans, single axle dump trucks, smaller tractors, delivery vans, and other similar vehicles
  • operates Edmonton and Northern Alberta

Heavy Duty

Our fleet heavy wreckers will go anywhere, any time of day, to tow your equipment. It’s the perfect tow truck to haul service rigs and other oil and gas industrial equipment. We are best known for our skill and expertise in the recovery of large units such as tractor trailers, tankers, end dumps and other large units. All of our operators are trained in recover methods that may have been involved in rollovers, collisions, or units stuck in the snow or mud. Note that all operators are Dangerous Good certified qualifying them to do chemical or gasoline tanker recoveries.

maximum weight: 25 – 60 ton
  • tow tractor trailers, school buses, dump trucks, motor homes, mobiles cranes, construction equipment, farming equipment, service rigs, fire and emergency vehicles
  • operates in Edmonton and around Alberta & Northern BC


Providing superior customer service in the safest manner possible is the mission of Cliffs Towing. Cliffs thoroughly trains each driver in state-of-the-art techniques for all aspects of the towing industry. Certified Safety Managers monitor the fleet daily, constantly looking for areas to improve on. Training and follow-up is of the highest importance when maintaining safety levels above industry standards.



Cliffs Towing provides a Private Parking Towing Program to remove illegally parked vehicles on your property. When set up in our Private Parking Towing Program we provide 1 monitoring sign per property free of charge that can be affixed to the bylaw sign post on your property. For more information on our Private Parking Towing Program please calls us at 780-451-1555.


Our roadside assistance is extensive and will get you back up and running in no time.

Locked out?

Locked out?

Used incorrectly, auto unlocks can cause expensive damage to your vehicle. Cliffs Towing can offer you lock out assistance and get you back on the road quickly and without harm to your vehicle.

Car won't start?

Won't start?

Many newer vehicles should never be boosted by connecting it to another vehicle because a power surge from the alternator of the operable vehicle could cause your system to blow out, causing damage to your onboard computer, stereo and navigation systems. When you need a boost, you can count on Cliffs Towing to provide you jump start service with their professional-grade power packs for a controlled power boost.
Got a flat?

Got a flat?

As an Edmonton area driver, there are several ways that your vehicle can get a flat tire: potholes, bumpy roads, valve stem leaks, driving over sharp objects left by construction and so much more. Getting stranded on a busy road with a flat tire is not only frustrating but dangerous too. Our team of knowledgeable professionals will get you back on your way safely and quickly.