Recovery in Western Canada poses a number of challenges; prairie roads open to all conditions, slick foothills and mountain roads, frozen ponds hidden by snow, and ominous cliffs. No matter where you end up, our team of recovery professionals will get you back on the road.

Our drivers are professionally trained on how to handle roll over situations. Our air cushion recovery unit can upright a rolled over tractor trailer unit loaded or empty in a timely fashion. The air cushions provide support to the walls of the trailer while pushing it back upright. Using air cushions can prevent having to empty the trailer prior to recovery. This saves time and prevents further damage to cargo, therefore saving the customer money.

Our operators are Dangerous Good certified.

Cliffs Traffic Control


Traffic control personnel are trained and certified to assist police, ambulance, and recovery units and warn motorists of the danger on the road. Traffic control is used to re-route traffic away from a job site or incident to ensure a safe work zone. Your safety is our concern.

I just wanted to pass along a big “thank you” to your driver. He was excellent! Very good at his job, very personable. It’s great to see that customer service still exists out there.