The air cushion unit is a highly specialized piece of equipment and the most important recovery unit in the fleet at Cliff’s Towing. Cliff’s air cushion unit is deployed when a large piece of equipment has rolled over. Large air cushions, which are deflated, are placed beneath the overturned vehicle. As the cushions inflate, they push the overturned vehicle upright, while heavy wreckers work simultaneously to lift it upright. This method lessens the chance of extra damage to the vehicle. You can rest assured all operators are Dangerous Good certified at Cliff’s Towing.


  • 1 unit.
  • specializes in the recover of large equipment such as tanker, dump, van, vac truck, super B trailers and other larger type tractor trailer units
  • 8 7’ high air cushions with a lift of 14,000 lbs each will lift a total of 112,000 lbs.