Deck Truck

Companies that offer expert towing and hauling need deck trucks that are both versatile and specialized to provide precisely the right equipment for your needs, such as those at Cliff’s Towing. Cliff’s uses drive-on decks lower to the ground for safe and controlled loading. Our units are the ideal option for rental, construction, or oil and gas companies: they can easily and safely transport man lifts, zoom booms, trenchers, forklifts, gen-set, portable lighting units, and similar equipment. We are also experts at transporting hot rod or exotic cars, moving them quickly and efficiently while ensuring they remain in pristine condition.


  • 7 single-axle units (up to 10 500 lbs)
  • 7 tandem-axle units (up to 22 500 lbs)
  • 2 tri-drive units (up to 30 000 lbs)
  • 1 specialty car hauler (5 cars or 4 trucks)